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How We Work
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Ideal house by AKA
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We execute orders in their entirety, i.e. from the first sketch, through the project, to realisation. We deal with comprehensive solutions for commercial and private buildings, family houses, interiors and their realisations, in a turnkey form, for our clients.

The ideal variant for us is to create a whole, i.e. to enter into the project at the beginning, for example by selecting a suitable plot, and to execute the project until its conclusion, the realisation. From the first sketch, to a turnkey house.

Family house design
Every person is different, and so are houses. Every one of our houses is an original, created for someone exactly according to their needs. Everyone imagines their house differently, and everyone has different requirements and ideas. We’ll design a house just for you, according to your ideas and wishes. If you don’t have a suitable plot, we’ll help you find the ideal place to build your house. You have a plot, but no house that you’ve seen, or that someone designed for you, was a reflection of your soul? We’ll prove to you that it works. From the first concept to the realisation project, we’ll go through the creation of the house with you so that this process is fun for you rather than something stressful, and at its end will be a reward in the form of a family house that you’ll love. Because for us, a house above all means living, and living means a home.

Interior, design and implementation project
Interior design is detailed work that will process the project down to the last partial detail. At the beginning is the concept, which determines the main idea of the entire interior, the material solution and the selection of individual elements, to detailed drawings of atypical components. We’ll be happy to show you the level of detail we deal with. We realise all our interiors in turnkey form, with our tried-and-tested subcontractors.

Exterior, garden, design and implementation project
The design of the house itself is based on our philosophy, whereby we create the house from the inside out. The house will be created from a well-designed layout, which determines the future form of living. Living well is what’s most important for us. That’s why we attach great importance to the interconnection of the interior with the exterior, with the garden.
In addition to all the essentials, the construction implementation project from us also contains the calculations of the total cost of the realisation, its optimisation if required, and of course the finishing of the project, all the way to complete realisation. Of the house itself, as well as the interior and the garden.

Turnkey realisation
Due to the fact that we’re going to be designing the house, what you’ll also get from us is its realisation. Whatever we drew together, that’s what we’ll build. We’ll be happy to discuss the entire design, planning and turnkey realisation process with you over a cup of good coffee in our studio.